Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dr. Dolittle and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Who is Dr. Dolittle?

I saw this great article on Facebook about how much people with a chronic illness need doctors who will listen. Mainly people with RA read that page, I think. How could we get doctors to read it, I wonder?

Something funny occurred to me when I read it. I hope you get a smile out of it, too.

My kids were watching the old musical Dr. Dolittle. It’s the one with Rex Harrison and the cute pushme-pullyou animal which looks so much like one – no, two - of my mom’s alpacas. I know it’s old, but still delightful.

So Dr. Dolittle decides to become an animal doctor because he can’t get along with people, who he finds hypocritical and pretentious. He sings, “Why can’t people behave more like animals?” Of course, he means humble and honest and kind.

Well, later on, I was reading the article (When You Talk – Does Your Dr. Listen? Link below.) and this strange thing happened: Somehow the movie and the article merged into one. I had to laugh out loud. The song changed into, “Why can’t doctors behave more like people?” Of course I meant more humble and patient and kind.

I guess it was so funny because I still had the British accent and the music in my head. I could just hear Gubgub the pig squeal to get away from some rude and insensitive doctor the way he did in the movie when Dr. Dolittle said he’d consider eating ham again someday.

I know there are some very good doctors just as there are some good politicians and IRS agents. I don’t mean to offend any good doctors. Just the ones who might call themselves “Dr. Do Very Little.” So sorry. But, we are in pain, so we need to laugh every chance we get. Hope that’s ok.

The article really is great, seriously. The comment section is also quite useful. I would definitely consider printing a copy of it to share with friends – and your doctor.
Facebook article link


Justaplainsam said...

Hey just found your blog thanks to the arthritis site. Great writing, and intresting reading :)

Kelly said...

thanks, Sam
Hope you never meet dr.dolittle.